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Sisters of Scripture: Mentors in Womanhood

by Billie Montgomery/Cook

Sisters of Scripture-FINAL

In the spirit of the author’s best-selling book The Real Deal, this new book from Billie Montgomery/Cook ushers young women (ages 18–35) into a warm and welcoming relationship with the women of the Bible. How can this generation of women find mentors in their scriptural sisters? Through the stories of women such as Eve, Sarah, and Vashti, encountering relationship, trust and self-respect issues that many young women of today face. Inspiring, enlightening, and empowering, young women will see themselves in these stories and find hope, love and faith. Cook includes questions for reflection and discussion with a contemporary mentor as well.

Key highlights of the book:

· Helps young women to see commonalities with women of the Bible and that their stories can teach us important lessons about life

· Reveals how God moves in our lives and how God is always present

· Shows that it is the “inner stuff” and not the “outside wrapping” that really counts with God

· Includes Scripture passages related to the profiles, questions for reflection and discussion, and a prayer closing each chapter

– See more at: http://www.judsonpress.com/product.cfm?product_id=18679


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